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Local School Cleans Out Chemical Stockpile


Fourth Baptist Christian School

Lab Pack and Chemical Clean Out


Take a look at the video below to see how a simple chemical clean out can be very eye-opening!



  Customer Spotlight, Fourth Baptist Christian School

Chemical Waste Clean Out, Lab Pack Service






Fourth Baptist Christian School
Plymouth, MN



Fourth Baptist Christian School is 53 years old, and many years ago (possibly 25-30 years) the school accepted a donation from a local university with a full lab of miscellaneous chemicals. After years of storage, the Science Department determined they do longer had a use for most of these chemicals and could better utilize all of that valuable storage space. Alan Hodak, Fourth Baptist School Administrator and Executive Director of the MN Association of Christian Schools, and his team decided it was time to find a safe and responsible way to dispose of this mysterious stockpile. Alan's team decided to reach out to TRC and call in their team of Chemical Waste Experts to assess the situation and help properly remove these potentially dangerous chemicals with their Lab Pack service.


"Something had to be done, and the timing was right," - Alan J. Hodak, Administrator at Fourth Baptist Christian School

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Do You Have Radioactive Materials in Your School?

As TRC's team worked through the stockpile, properly identifying, sorting, packaging, and preparing, they came across some Radioactive material. This is more common than you may think, but can be easily removed with the help of an expert

Radioactive material 1Example of Radioactive Material found in schools


Radioactive materials have long been used in schools to demonstrate this fundamental concept.  These materials may be dangerous if not properly handled and stored.  We often find that these materials were purchased long ago, by staff who have since moved on.  As regulations change and new staff arrive, it can be a challenge to keep training and licensing current.


Depending on how long your chemicals sit around or how they are being stored, there may be other high risk items that you would never realize unless thoroughly assessed. We often assist schools in similar situations as Fourth Baptist Christian School and in the process discover items that they never even knew they had.


Best Practice for SChools with Chemicals

Our TRC Chemical Waste Experts have encountered many schools with similar chemical waste issues, and our recommendations for best practices are as follows:

Chemical Clean Out Lab Pack
Fourth Baptist Christian School Chemical Clean Out - Lab Pack Services
After chemicals have been properly sorted and packaged

  • Only carry inventory of items you will use within your curriculum
  • Keep cabinets organized and labeled
  • Plan an annual inventory and Clean Out
  • Reduce your risk by avoiding mysterious donations

Hazardous Waste Inventory Download


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