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2017 Xcel Energy Rebate Updates

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Xcel Energy recently shared the 2016/2017 Minnesota Business Rebate structure updates in their newsletter to TRC. Some previously unavailable utility rebate options are now available for LED down light retrofits and for LED screw-in as HID replacements. LED street lighting and area lighting are two Xcel Energy rebate options that are greatly improved for 2017. Keep reading to get the details and find assistance.

You can see this list of rebates in this PDF document, and you can visit Xcel Energy's Business Lighting Efficiency page for information on the program itself. And if this sounds like something you're interested in, and too busy to tackle on your own, we can help! 

TRC is a Business Lighting Efficiency Program Winner and Trade Partner. To learn about how The Retrofit Companies can assist with your lighting project and project rebates, schedule a consult call today!

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Parking Garage LED Lighting Retrofit Case Study

LED Retrofit Parking Garage.png 

This parking garage lighting project's dramatic improvement in lighting came along with $23,634 in utility rebate incentives, plus a Green Business Cost Sharing program from the city of Minneapolis when this client upgraded the aging, inefficient high pressure sodium lighting. They now have better light quality in their facility, increased safety for their patrons, and they are saving money and resources at the same time! Keep reading to see more specifics about how Allied Parking upgraded to LED lighting in the MTC facility at their Gateway ramp downtown Minneapolis.


Before Retrofit Parking Garage HID to LED.png

Facility Statistics: The Benefits of a Lighting Upgrade

Common lighting issues in parking garages include dark, shadowy areas and poor light quality. By replacing the existing High Pressure Sodium lighting with energy efficient LED that consume only 45 watts each, this facility is taking advantage of major energy savings. At the end of this project the client was saving 143 watts per fixture, reducing energy usage by 76%!

Cost Savings: Does is really add up?

Before completing this LED lighting retrofit project, TRC performed a full facility audit. This means all of the existing fixtures were counted, along with their rate of energy consumption and hours of operation, and a cost of operating was established. The new, more energy-efficient system was also proposed in the same way. The difference in energy usage totaled $14,430 in annual lighting cost savings. 

Kw and kWh were both reduced by 76% annually with this LED retrofit. The client qualified for $23K in energy-efficiency rebates from their local utility company, and an additional cost sharing program amount was awarded to them by the city of Minneapolis' Green Business Cost Sharing Program

Carbon Savings: What does it mean? 

Based on kWh reduction from our facility lighting audit and using a Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, we can determine carbon savings of 110.6 tons of CO2 for this energy efficiency project. This is equivalent to keeping 21.7 cars off the road for a year, 12,395  gallons of gasoline saved, or 38.5 tons of waste recycled instead of land filled!


After Retrofit Parking Garage HID to LED.png

Find out how you can start saving energy & money today.

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Xcel Energy LED Retrofit Rebates Expanded


Beginning July 1, 2016 Excel Energy is expanding their LED lighting rebate offerings for retrofit projects and new construction. Significant to this update is the inclusion of another type of 4 foot LED linear tube rebate for retrofit projects valued at $6 per lamp. Benefits for other tube type LED retrofits range from $2 to $10 per tube based on type.

The entire rebate structure for retrofits and new construction projects is available online for you here. This utility rebate program is available to Minnesota business customers of Xcel Energy.

Other rebate types for LED upgrades included in this program:

  • Exterior lighting such as parking garages, wall packs, parking lot, canopy lights and area lights.
  • Refrigeration lighting for freezers and refrigerators in convenience and grocery stores
  • Interior lighting including troffers, linear tubes, screw-ins, hibay and low bay lighting, and exit signs


Why upgrade to LEDs?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs offer the potential for cutting general lighting energy use nearly in half by 2030, saving energy dollars and carbon emissions in the process. Additionally, they offer several advantages over conventional lighting:

  • A long life span, typically up to 50,000 hours or more, which can greatly reduce replacement and maintenance costs
  • They create a bright, shadow-free environment that can improve the safety and comfort of your employees and customers
  • Durability and reliability, they’re less prone to breakage and contain no mercury  
    Read the LED Information Sheet here.


If you're ready to learn more about how to get a rebate for your lighting project, please contact one of our lighting design experts today!

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The Retrofit Companies is a MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage® Trade Ally Partner. We work together with the utility to deliver energy efficient products and services to our mutual customers. Our collective goal is help clients save money by utilizing the incentives offered by the utility.

A few weeks ago we posted a blog about another lighting rebate in Iowa offered by Alliant Energy. This time we showcase another large Iowa utility provider – MidAmerican Energy Company and their Commerical Lighting Rebate Program.

MidAmerican Enegy will rebate your qualifying energy efficient lighting upgrade project up to 70% percent of the installed cost. The rebate amounts for the qualified lighting technologies under the current program are available online. Please be advised that the Iowa lighting rebate amounts are suseptible to updates and changes. For a current look at available incentive programs, help understading the tables, or to get a full assessment of your project potential you can contact us any time!


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Alliant Energy Lighting Rebate Info

How do I get a lighting rebate from Alliant Energy?
 photo credit

Did you know that commercial lighting rebates and incentives are available from most utility companies? In this blog post we highlight the Alliant Energy lighting rebate Commercial Lighting Program – it's one of the largest utility providers in the state of Iowa. Keep reading for more insight.

We have been fortunate to work with clients throughout the United States to become more energy efficient by providing smart lighting upgrades. Many of the projects we work on also allow clients to take advantage of rebate programs offered by their local utility providers. For more information about incentive programs, you can read a previous article here that answers questions such as, "how do I get a lighting rebate?" and "why do utilities offer rebates?"

Here are the commercial lighting rebate categories currently offered by Alliant Energy*:

• Small Business Energy Solutions. Turnkey lighting solution exclusively for small business that includes design and installation. Alliant Energy pays up to 75% of the total project cost.

• Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. Think of how many bulbs are in your office, break-room and even storage area. If any of those are incandescent bulbs, switch to CFLs.

• LED Bulbs & Fixtures. LED bulbs last two to five times longer than CFLs and 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting.

• LED Replacements. Increases in efficiency and lower prices make LEDs an attractive choice for replacing linear fluorescent fixtures.

• Lighting Controls. By adding lighting controls to your facility you increase the flexibility of your lighting plan.

• Fluorescent, High Bay, HID, Delamping. Fluorescent tube lighting is a great way to light up large spaces, plus energy-efficient T8 lamps are up to 40% more efficient than T12 lamps.

• Pin-type Compact Fluorescent Fixtures. The pin-type compact fluorescent fixtures have all the efficiency of the standard CFL fixtures and result in savings on your utility bill.

• Replacement LED traffic lights. LED traffic lights use approximately 90% less energy than incandescent lights and because they last so long, maintenance costs are reduced by 75%.***

The rebates listed above are currently being offered in 2015, and the year end is approaching fast. However, if you haven’t taken advantage of these incentives this year and you’re making plans to do a lighting upgrade in 2016, there’s good news – most programs (especially those that have been successful during the previous year) usually continue into the following year, and often even with higher incentives!

Stay tuned for updates about the commercial lighting rebates from the Alliant Energy and other utility companies in 2016. For more information today, you can read real customer stories about successful projects


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Xcel Energy recently made their LED Instant Rebate available 'indefinitely' - check out these offers if you are considering a lighting upgrade project and contact TRC to get started!


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Back in May of this year we published a blog post about the Xcel Energy Business LED Instant Rebate for Minnesota customers – a new rebate program that was launched in the beginning 2015. This utility rebate program was designed to help the commercial customers in Xcel Energy’s service territory upgrade to more efficient lighting, and make it more affordable by offering instant pricing incentives on select Energy Star rated LED’s.

To continue to help businesses increase the energy efficiency by converting to energy efficient LED lighting, Xcel Energy have come out with a limited-time rebate offer.


What is does this limited-time offer comprise of?

  • Decreased minimum customer contribution for promotional rebates from $5 to $2 per qualifying lamp or retrofit;
  • Increased rebate amounts, which are shown in the table below:

 Limited-time rebate offer for Xcel Energy's Minnesota commercial customers.                 


Sounds like a great opportunity to save for less!

Hurry and take advantage of this promotion as these additional incentives expire at the end of this year, which means that the qualifying product needs to be purchased between Sept 1st, 2015 and December 31st, 2015!


Interested? Click below to contact our office & talk to a consultant about your rebate potential.

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Lighting insight, Utility Rebates & More

As summer closes out and the fall season gets into full swing, it is a good time to begin planning for 2016. Surely there are projects looming in your facility, whether you're looking to establish a better understanding of your energy efficiency options, or you've decided to dedicate Q4 of 2015 to researching a lighting upgrade, we've got some links here to get you started.


Speaking of planning a lighting upgrade, have you ever considered "The Cost of Doing Nothing?" This simple and impactful video makes project savings so easy to understand.


For a deeper dive, you can read our four part series "How much does a retrofit project cost?" Here's part one.


Looking to see what sort of utility rebate programs are available in your area? Iowa has 60 programs and Minnesota has over 150! We like this straight forward resource from DSIRE.


Your T12 Lamps still work, so why should you replace them?


Don't want to read a bunch of articles? You'd rather just talk to a professional about your energy-efficiency options? Tell us what time works for you; we're here!


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Fluorescent to LED Bonus Rebate from OPU

Owatonna Public Utilities recently extended the length of this fluorescent to LED rebate program and it will now be available for OPU's commercial lighting customers until December 31, 2015. Visit Owatonna Public Utilities' website or view rebate details below:


"If you currently use fluorescent lighting in your building, now is the time to upgrade to energy-efficient LED fixtures or retrofit kits! 
Through December 31, we're offering a $10 bonus rebate per fixture, retrofit kit, or sensor for the following installations:
» Existing fluorescent fixture to LED fixture replacements.
» Existing fluorescent fixture to LED retrofit kit installations.
» Occupancy sensors installed to control new qualifying LED fixtures or retrofit kits.
Bonus rebates are over and above our standard fixture and sensor rebates.
Just download and complete the applicable Bonus Rebate Form along with our standard Business Lighting Rebate Form and submit them to me by December 31, 2015, to approve and reserve your rebates (Forms and Lighting Tables can be found on our website here). Also, for pole-mounted parking lot lighting, see our LED Parking Lot Lighting Bonus Form"


Looking for other resources about lighting projects and rebate programs, or need help getting started with this offer from OPU? You can schedule a call with one of our lighting consultants right now!

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Lighting Project Custom Rebate

From Xcel Energy, this 50% Custom Lighting Bonus Rebate became available yesterday, July 1, 2015 and will be available for commercial lighting customers until December 4, 2015. Visit Xcel Energy's website or view rebate details below from their site:


"From July 1 through December 4, 2015, our Minnesota commercial electric customers can earn a 50% bonus rebate on qualifying Custom Lighting Efficiency projects.

  • Existing and New Projects: We will accept both previously-preapproved Custom Lighting projects and new projects that are preapproved between July 1 through December 4, 2015.

  • Completed Project Deadlines: Completed project applications must be received between July 1 and December 4, 2015.

  • Invoice Dates: We will accept invoices for projects dated prior to July 1, 2015, provided at least one invoice for the project is dated between July 1 and December 4, 2015.

  • Rebate Totals: The total incentive (rebate and bonus) cannot exceed 75% of the project cost or reduce the payback to less than nine months."

Looking for other resources about lighting projects and rebate programs? You can schedule a call with one of our lighting consultants right now!

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Get Your LED Lighting Rebate Instantly!


Most lighting projects require in depth analysis and energy usage comparison reports in order to calculate a utility rebate. Xcel Energy commercial and industrial customers now have another, INSTANT option when working with a firm like The Retrofit Companies. If you are considering an lighting upgrade or looking for ways to increase your energy efficiency, this new LED Instant Rebate program from Xcel Energy might be a great solution for you. Here are 9 signs that you should consider LED lighting. Keep reading for more details about the LED instant rebate program for businesses.


Who Qualifies for Xcel Energy Instant Rebates?

Commercial and Industrial customers of Xcel Energy in Minnesota and Colorado can qualify for a lighting rebate. So far, pretty simple! If this is you, keep reading.


What are the Program Requirements? (To qualify, you must meet all of the criteria listed.)

  • Lamps must be Energy Star-qualified LED screw-in lamps
  • LED Retrofit kits must be on the Energy Star qualified products list
  • Installation must be interior, one-for-one replacement
  • Purchased and rebated lamps must be installed within 30 days of purchase date
  • Non-Energy Start lamps or kits can be submitted through custom program (non-instant rebate)
  • Exterior lamps can be submitted through custom program (non-instant rebate)
Additionally with this instant rebate, qualified screw-in lamps can replace any existing type of lamp, including incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen. New lamps can be placed in existing buildings or installed in new construction.


What are the benefits of replacing incandescent and halogen lighting with LED using this program?

LED can reduce energy usage by up to 80%, and save up to $135 over each bulb’s life span. LED technology also can last up to 25 times longer than other lighting types, and because it emits almost no heat while operating it can reduce cooling costs. For more facts you can read Xcel’s blog post about Energy Star lighting technology.  


How much is the rebate?

The incentive for this Instant Rebate Program currently ranges from $5 to $15 per lamp/kit when LED replacements are installed. This range is for LED screw-in type lamps or qualifying retrofit kits, and your rebate comes directly off the price of the lamps. You don’t have to wait for a check after the project is complete! The current rebate structure is seen below; however, these amounts are subject to change.


How do you get started?

Another simple answer- Call our office at 800-795-1230 or schedule a call with one of our lighting consultants and ask about Xcel Energy’s Instant Rebate

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9 Signs You Should Invest in LED Lighting

signs you should invest in led

Deciding to invest in energy-efficiency is a decision that every company or business must come by on their own. Oftentimes, an investment in energy-efficiency will yield more than a return on investment. Let’s look at 9 signs that could be telling you it’s time to consider investing in LED Lighting:


1) You pay too much in utility costs every month. We have said it over and over, but cutting the watts you use can cut the amount it costs you to light your facility. This being said, your utility bill will always reflect your usage and if you start saving energy today by updating your lighting system you’ll be saving already when utility costs inevitably rise.


2) Your business is looking for instant ways to reduce overhead. It’s not quite as simple as flipping a switch, you have to plan your project, but every day after that when you turn on the lights and get to work you’ll be saving energy!


3) Your maintenance budget is out of whack. Does your facility have dozens of different bulb-types throughout? Do you have parking lot, auditorium, or atrium areas that are difficult to reach without a lift, increasing your maintenance spending every time one lamp needs to be replaced? Maybe your maintenance staff spends an inordinate amount of time attending to burned out lamps or failing ballasts. You can streamline the products used in your facility, schedule regular re-lamps, and dramatically improve your maintenance budget with a lighting upgrade.


4) If you’re honest, your lighting looks ugly or outdated. Mis-matched bulbs in the same room, or fixture, making those handful of yellowish lights look bad when the rest are bright white. Maybe your parking lot or exterior lighting uses high pressure sodium lamps. Those are the lamps that give off orangish light. Both of these scenarios mean you could be more efficient.


5) Someone from a lighting/electrical/utility company stopped by and said they could save you money. These statements aren’t always a scam, and sometimes a simple visual inspection by a lighting professional can let them know you have room to improve, efficiency-wise. Not sure how to tell what’s-what? You can read our guide: “11 Questions to Ask an Electrical Contractor” and be sure you're asking all the right questions!


6) Your local utility company is offering a rebate for LED lighting upgrades. The utility company wants you to save energy. No kidding. This blog post touches on some of the reasons:


7) You don’t want to touch your lighting system again for 10 years. We’re not saying you’ll absolutely never have to touch your lighting system, and we’re not saying it’s 100% maintenance-free, but we ARE saying that a lot of quality LED products – bulbs and fixtures – are coming to market with warranties of five or even 10 years. That says something about the anticipated longevity of these products. How much would you save if you didn’t have to replace a bulb or fixture for 5 years or longer?


8) Your business process changes frequently and you need a nimble system. Are you a property manager with a lot of turn-over, or a manufacturing facility that has to re-organize your space with some frequency? Good lighting design can promote job safety and help reduce inefficiencies in your production. And property managers, quality lighting design and efficiency can help you lease your spaces and keep tenants longer.


9) You’re building a new facility. This is a perfect time to evaluate your business needs and consider investing in energy-efficiency from the top down. Lighting can be a simple and cost effective way to trim your environmental impact, and ‘going LED’ might be the solution that makes the most sense for you and your business by keeping your overhead costs lower from the start.


Have you invested in LED lighting? What was the biggest impact it had on your business?



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Residential Electricity Prices To Rise - Consider Energy-Efficiency!

residential energy costs


The Energy Information Administration recently published their short-term energy outlook report. According to their projections, 2014 will see a total 3.4% rise in the cost of electricity for residential use, an upswing from 2013, making the US average $0.125 per kilowatt hour. For reference, Minnesota's Xcel Energy commercial customer average was $0.0946 per kilowatt hour and for industrial customers $0.0713 per kwh. Rates in the mid-west are among the lowest energy rates in the nation, but they are still on the rise.

Talking about these numbers in terms of amounts that equal just about a dime, doesn't seem like too much to be concerned about. Less than a half-cent increase per kwh in the last year, that is half a penny, barely computes in our minds as much of an impact at all. However, for business and residential customers it is very important to remember that keeping energy rates down is in part impacted by our ability to use energy efficiently. Those little numbers, when you're talking about hundreds or thousands of units (kwh) can add up pretty quickly.

So, how can you alleviate the ever-increasing cost of electricity?

The answer continues to be "Energy Efficiency." Many utility companies, and most of the utilities that TRC works with, offer rebates to customers who increase their energy-efficiency. There are many roads to get there, but tried-and-tested are energy-efficient lighting upgrade projects. Immediate results, reduction in overhead, and most often dramatic energy savings. 

If you're considering ways to plan now for future savings, check out this helpful retrofit planning guide!

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Lighting Before and After // Manufacturing Facility

Northern Iron & Machine, a state-of-the-art manufacturing, casting, machining, and finishing company located on St. Paul, Minnesota’s east side, is updating the inefficient lighting in their 107 year old facility this year with The Retrofit Companies [TRC] as their lighting expert.

Due to the nature of their business, Northern Iron & Machine required a fixture that would handle a more than 100 degree Fahrenheit ambient temperature. They wanted to redesign their lighting system with a long-term solution for optimum efficiency and minimal maintenance. The Electrical Maintenance Supervisor at Northern Iron, Tom Zarnke, had spent several years testing many lighting technologies and fixture configurations on his own, looking for the perfect lighting solution. He thought he had it until TRC lighting specialist, Allison Akre, presented him with an LED solution that met all of the project requirements, and included integrated lighting controls.

hid low bay fixture retrofit

LED Aisle Retrofit


In these low bay areas, the facility had inconsistent color temperature and shadows as seen in the before photo above. Traditional T8 or T5 vapor tight fixtures would suffer in the facility's 100-degree environment, and open fixtures would get dirty too quickly, requiring too much maintenance.

In the after photo, shadows are lessened, the color of the lighting is consistent, and the new LED vapor tight fixtures stay clean, cool, and consume just 50 watts each.

400 Watt Metal Halide Retrofit




In these high bay areas, the facility had 30-plus-year-old HID fixtures. Many were severely degraded, giving minimal light while other were completely failed and gave no light. These HID fixtures also consumed 454 watts per fixture. The new LED fixtures in the After photo offer integrated controls, daylight sensors for daylight harvesting, dimming capabilities, and they consume just 190 watts each.


  • The project is estimated to be complete by mid-April 2014.
  • Projected kWh reduction is 79%
  • kW savings 70%
  • The new lighting solution will save nearly 80% in utility costs annually

With TRC’s design capabilities, Akre was able to secure $12,500 in study fee reimbursement from Xcel Energy. That reimbursement, in conjunction with the project rebate of $31,000 (also from Xcel Energy) means Northern Iron & Machine qualified for a total of $43,500 in incentives.


Interested in more information about lighting retrofits and planning your project? Get our e-book now!


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HOW TO// Get a Minnesota Rebate for Exterior Lighting Projects

MN utility rebates exterior

A big part of what we do at The Retrofit Companies includes more than just sourcing quality products and giving clients highly regarded electricians to install the work. We also work closely with utility companies who want to PAY YOU to become more energy efficient! Okay, they may not pay for the entire project, but many of our clients do get utility rebates for their projects.The intention of this blog post is to tell you about some really nice rebates for LED parking lot lighting that are available now, until the end of 2014. In this case, a bonus rebate is also available for projects received before March 31, 2014. Here are the utility rebate requirements:
    • Business Customers of Austin Utilities, Owatonna Public Utilities and Rochester Public Utilities
    • Any parking lot pole-mounted fixtures (not mounted to a building)
    • LED Fixtures qualified by DLC
    • New construction is not available
If you are considering a parking lot lighting upgrade to LED, contact one of our reps today and let us help you qualify for these rebates (and if your project is received before 3/31/14, you could qualify for a bonus rebate).
If you are an Xcel Energy Company customer in Minnesota, you may qualify for exterior lighting rebates similar to those above from CEE. Right now (February 2014) rebate rates are $200/kW and $.10/kWh saved!
Finding out if your facility qualifies for these rebates is as simple as making one call, so schedule your call now!


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How do I get a rebate for my lighting project?

How do you get a utility rebate for your lighting project? Good question, and one that we hear a lot. We'll help you understand what it means to get a utility rebate or incentive, and how to ensure that you're getting the best benefit for your energy-efficient lighting project.

So, what is the deal with rebates? 

In the most basic sense, a utility company offers rebates or incentives to their customers for taking steps to become more energy-efficient. Eligible "projects" can range from installing a high-efficiency water heater in your home to completely revamping the HVAC system in your factory. In this case, we're going to discuss rebates for energy-efficient lighting upgrades because we think they are one of the most important efficiency measures you can take.

US Small Business Administration says, “Depending on the type of business you operate, lighting accounts for 20% to 50% of electricity consumption. This means that significant cost savings can be achieved with energy-efficiency improvements, and due to continually improving equipment, lighting usually provides the highest return-on-investment of major upgrades.”

Lighting is essentially a low-hanging fruit, and one of the more instantaneous ways to reduce overhead. The benefit to businesses and residential electricity customers is obvious (save energy = save money!), but you might be wondering what is the benefit to the utility company if you use less of their product, energy.

Why do utility companies offer rebates?

Utility Companies are like most for-profit businesses and have to offer their product to you without breaking the bank. They have to generate electricity for their customers, but building new power plants is really, really expensive. Many states have some regulation against utilities raising rates at will. So, if the utility can maintain their operating costs by maintaining their overhead and investing less in infrastructure, then their costs to generate electricity will not increase exponentially.

It is less expensive for them to pay for rebates than it is to build new power plants. Enter the utility rebate, a "reward" to customers who invest in energy-saving projects and products to help the utility maintain it's infrastructure instead of grow it. 

And how do I get a rebate for a lighting project?

One of the most exciting aspects of any lighting project is the potential for utility rebates or incentives. These funds, commonly provided through money contributed to a utility’s Conservation Improvement Program by fees on every monthly utility invoice, are re-distributed as incentives for individuals and businesses that invest in energy-efficient or energy saving equipment.

Lighting project incentives are usually based on watts saved by replacing your existing lighting system with a new, energy-efficient one. So, to get a rebate for your project, you must save energy. Seems pretty simple, doesn't it. Here's a quick look at how it works:

Two kinds of rebates exist, Prescriptive and Custom.

  • Prescriptive Rebate amounts are based on pre-determined scenarios. [Replace Existing Fixture A with New Fixture Y and you will receive X dollars rebate]. 
  • Custom Rebates are just that, custom. Often lighting designers will submit retrofit project plans, with watts saved, to the utility company and try to achieve a greater rebate. This method is also used for facilities and lighting types that may not be exceedingly common. 
  • All utilities require a fair amount of paperwork and documentation to issue these rebates. The amount available in rebate funds is usually maxed out each year, so applying early in the year for your project dollars is important. Additionally, most utilities max out individual rebate amounts at a certain percentage of total project cost.

In a nutshell: Rebate dollars are limited. You must submit proper Prescriptive or Custom rebate paperwork to achieve maximum savings, and you must provide appropriate documentation to have money issued to your project. A reputable lighting contractor is able to assist their clients with all of these items, and many times you only need to provide them with a couple of your previous utility invoices and access to your facility for a lighting study so they can get started.

If you are interested in looking up what sort of utility rebates exist in your area, here are a few examples and resources:


Looking for more information about Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades? Get our free comprehensive e-book now!

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Parking Ramp Lighting Retrofit Case Study

parking garage lighting ret

You can see this dramatic before and after, side by side while this lighting retrofit project is taking place. This client qualified for more than $23,000 in utility rebate incentive when they upgraded. They now have better light quality in their facility, increased safety for their patrons, and they are saving money and resources at the same time!

Facility Statistics: The Benefits of a Lighting Upgrade

Common lighting issues in parking garages include dark, shadowy areas and poor light quality. By replacing the existing High Pressure Sodium lighting with energy efficient 2 Lamp Vapor Tight Fluorescent High Lumen Fixtures that consume only 74 watts each, this facility is taking advantage of major energy savings. At the end of this project the client was saving 114 watts per fixture, reducing energy usage by over 50%!

Cost Savings: Does is really add up?

Before completing this project, TRC performed a full facility audit. This means all of the existing fixtures were counted, along with their rate of energy consumption and hours of operation, and a cost of operating was established. The new, more energy-efficient system was also proposed in the same way. The difference in energy usage totaled nearly $20,000 in annual lighting cost savings. 

Carbon Savings: What does it mean? 

Based on Kwh reduction from our facility lighting audit and using a Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, we can determine carbon savings of 380,740.7 pounds of CO2 for this energy efficiency project. This is equivalent to keeping 37.4 cars off the road for a year, 16,699 gallons of gasoline saved, or 58 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled!


Find out how you can start saving energy & money today.

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