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Small Business Rebate Program Deadline: Oct. 19!


cash backAre you a Small Business planning a lighting upgrade project this year? 

You may qualify for great rebates through One-Stop Efficiency Shop (Xcel Energy), But you will need to act fast! 





What You Need to Know: 2018 Rebate Checks

The Center for Energy and Environment's One Stop Efficiency Shop is warning small businesses of rebate deadlines approaching this fall. The One-Stop Efficiency Shop is a full-service rebate program available through Xcel Energy's Minnesota service territory to small businesses with a monthly electric demand of 400 kilowatts or less.

In order to receive a rebate check through this program in 2018, please make sure to:


  • Submit a signed program Participation Agreement to CEE by Friday, October 19 so the project can be recorded as scheduled for installation in this program year.
  • Complete work and submit invoices to CEE by Friday, November 2.


Rebate checks for jobs completed in 2018 will be issued this calendar year if work is completed and invoices submitted by November 2. Jobs completed after the deadline will be rebated in 2019.

More information on Xcel Energy's other rebate programs can be found here; if you have questions or want to clarify how these deadlines may impact your project with TRC, be sure to contact your account manager or call us at 800-795-1230.

Consult a Lighting ProfessionalReady to start your lighting project? Contact our Lighting Experts to take advantage of this program.






Rebate Cuts Proposed by Xcel Energy


led stock photoAre you planning a lighting upgrade project this year? 

Your rebates through Xcel Energy may be changing as soon as September, 2018. 




Will these changes impact me?

New rebate levels have been proposed in Minnesota to the Xcel Energy Commercial Lighting Efficiency Program. If approved, these changes may go into effect as early as September 1, 2018. If you are planning a lighting project this year, the new details of Xcel's rebate program may impact you.

More information on Xcel Energy's rebate programs can be found here; if you have questions or want to clarify how this will impact your project with TRC, be sure to contact your account manager or call us at 800-795-1230.



xcel rebate proposed changes
Rebate Categories with Proposed Changes:
  • LED troffers
  • LED exterior lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Shelf-stocking LED lamps
  • Fluorescents


Download Xcel Energy Rebate Changes








Xcel Energy recently made their LED Instant Rebate available 'indefinitely' - check out these offers if you are considering a lighting upgrade project and contact TRC to get started!


Talk to a Consultant About Rebates




Back in May of this year we published a blog post about the Xcel Energy Business LED Instant Rebate for Minnesota customers – a new rebate program that was launched in the beginning 2015. This utility rebate program was designed to help the commercial customers in Xcel Energy’s service territory upgrade to more efficient lighting, and make it more affordable by offering instant pricing incentives on select Energy Star rated LED’s.

To continue to help businesses increase the energy efficiency by converting to energy efficient LED lighting, Xcel Energy have come out with a limited-time rebate offer.


What is does this limited-time offer comprise of?

  • Decreased minimum customer contribution for promotional rebates from $5 to $2 per qualifying lamp or retrofit;
  • Increased rebate amounts, which are shown in the table below:

 Limited-time rebate offer for Xcel Energy's Minnesota commercial customers.                 


Sounds like a great opportunity to save for less!

Hurry and take advantage of this promotion as these additional incentives expire at the end of this year, which means that the qualifying product needs to be purchased between Sept 1st, 2015 and December 31st, 2015!


Interested? Click below to contact our office & talk to a consultant about your rebate potential.

Talk to a Consultant About Rebates

Get Your LED Lighting Rebate Instantly!


Most lighting projects require in depth analysis and energy usage comparison reports in order to calculate a utility rebate. Xcel Energy commercial and industrial customers now have another, INSTANT option when working with a firm like The Retrofit Companies. If you are considering an lighting upgrade or looking for ways to increase your energy efficiency, this new LED Instant Rebate program from Xcel Energy might be a great solution for you. Here are 9 signs that you should consider LED lighting. Keep reading for more details about the LED instant rebate program for businesses.


Who Qualifies for Xcel Energy Instant Rebates?

Commercial and Industrial customers of Xcel Energy in Minnesota and Colorado can qualify for a lighting rebate. So far, pretty simple! If this is you, keep reading.


What are the Program Requirements? (To qualify, you must meet all of the criteria listed.)

  • Lamps must be Energy Star-qualified LED screw-in lamps
  • LED Retrofit kits must be on the Energy Star qualified products list
  • Installation must be interior, one-for-one replacement
  • Purchased and rebated lamps must be installed within 30 days of purchase date
  • Non-Energy Start lamps or kits can be submitted through custom program (non-instant rebate)
  • Exterior lamps can be submitted through custom program (non-instant rebate)
Additionally with this instant rebate, qualified screw-in lamps can replace any existing type of lamp, including incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen. New lamps can be placed in existing buildings or installed in new construction.


What are the benefits of replacing incandescent and halogen lighting with LED using this program?

LED can reduce energy usage by up to 80%, and save up to $135 over each bulb’s life span. LED technology also can last up to 25 times longer than other lighting types, and because it emits almost no heat while operating it can reduce cooling costs. For more facts you can read Xcel’s blog post about Energy Star lighting technology.  


How much is the rebate?

The incentive for this Instant Rebate Program currently ranges from $5 to $15 per lamp/kit when LED replacements are installed. This range is for LED screw-in type lamps or qualifying retrofit kits, and your rebate comes directly off the price of the lamps. You don’t have to wait for a check after the project is complete! The current rebate structure is seen below; however, these amounts are subject to change.


How do you get started?

Another simple answer- Call our office at 800-795-1230 or schedule a call with one of our lighting consultants and ask about Xcel Energy’s Instant Rebate

Schedule a call with our lighting consultant

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