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Xcel Energy Efficiency Awards 2016

Jeff Jackson of Xcel Energy presents Energy Efficiency Partner award to Wendy Fry and Jack Jenson on April 13, 2016 (See 2015 Award)


Thanks to Xcel Energy for including TRC in this year's group of esteemed Energy Efficiency Partner award recipients for 2016. Read below for their press release and information on the recent awards event:


MINNEAPOLIS – Xcel Energy recently recognized 36 Minnesota businesses for their outstanding efforts to help customers save energy and reduce their environmental impact. The awards, presented April 13 at Pinstripes in Edina, recognized contractors, equipment suppliers and engineers that contributed the greatest electricity and natural gas savings to Xcel Energy’s Minnesota conservation programs in 2015. 

The rebates submitted by these 36 companies saved customers 56 gigawatt-hours of electricity and 69,000 dekatherms of natural gas. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, that’s the equivalent of powering 3,800 homes for a year.

Xcel Energy offers incentives, such as rebates and funding for energy efficiency studies and upgrades, to its business and residential customers to encourage them to make energy-efficient choices. Through the help of this group of partners, Xcel Energy distributed more than $5 million in energy efficiency rebates for the various projects completed, which is about 15 percent of the total amount of rebates paid in Minnesota by Xcel Energy last year.

The rebates dollars also helped fund capital projects and create jobs. The Minnesota Department of Commerce reports an 80 percent increase in energy efficiency businesses in Minnesota since 2000 and a 49 percent increase in energy efficiency jobs.

“Xcel Energy’s trade partners are valuable allies that really make these projects happen,” said Jeff Jackson, Xcel Energy trade relations manager. “They help us reach our aggressive energy conservation goals, save customers money and help them reduce their environmental impact.”


The 36 companies recognized were:  Apollo Heating and Ventilating ● Cal-Tex Electric Inc. ● Home Service Plus ● Collins Electrical Construction Co. ● Compressed Air Concepts LLC ● Corval Group ● Dakota Supply Group St. Paul ● Data Center Systems Inc. ● Egan Mechanical ● Focus Lighting and Controls Inc. ● Golden Valley Heating & Air ● HomeSmart ● HumeraTech ● Inflow ● Ingersoll Rand Minnesota ● John Henry Foster ● Johnson Controls Plymouth ● Louis Degidio Inc. ● Midwest Mechanical Solutions ● Mulcahy Company Inc. ● NHA Heating and Air Conditioning ● Northern Air Corp. ● Premier Lighting Inc. ● Pronto Heating & Air Conditioning ● Schadegg Mechanical Inc. ● Schwantes Heating and Air Conditioning ● Snelling Company ● Standard Heating & Air Conditioning ● State Supply ● The Retrofit Cos. ● Trane St. Paul ● UHL Company ● Viking Electric Minneapolis ● Voss Lighting ● Warwick Industries ● Werner Electric Cottage Grove

 For more information on Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency programs, visit www.xcelenergy.com.


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